AQUA PLANETAE is a "work in process" and your participation is essential.

During the Congress each lecturer, such as you, will add a sample of water of their place of origin/residence during the anniversary celebration.
If you wish to be part of the project I am asking you to send a sample of 100 cm3 / 3.5 fluid onza (less than a glass of water) of tap water from your home or work place. You can bottle it in a soda or mineral water bottle that you wash with the same water you are collecting and send it by mail to my studio:

Carlos Montani
Alfredo Bufano 2530
1417 – CABA

Water you send me will be bottled in a custom sterilized glass bottle, because of that I ask you to give me the following information:

• Name and surname
• Date when the sample was token
• City and state or province where you take the sample
• Latitude and longitude in decimal format

Thank you to be part of AQUA PLANETAE
If you need to ask me anything, do not hesitate to do it. I'd be glad to answer.