3 de mayo de 2013

La Curadora Diane Barber invita a Carlos Montani a participar de la muestra "Trouble the Water" en USA

Water is a powerful and often destructive force that can wreak havoc through its scarcity and its abundance.

On the fifth anniversary of the 2008 flood, Legion Arts presents a groundbreaking exhibit in which a dozen contemporary artists from around the world explore issues related to water: droughts and floods, climate events and climate change, as well as the economics, distribution, uses and scarcity of this incomparable commodity.

Works on display in all four galleries at CSPS range from an installation of umbrellas made from the flags of Japanese fishing boats to to a collection of small, wall-mounted sculptures of Louisiana swamp houses.

Trouble the Water is curated by Diane Barber, Houston, Texas.
Featured artists include Janet Biggs (New York), Erika Blumenfeld (Qatar), Demiak (Netherlands), Chris Turner with Helen Friel & Jess Deacon (UK), Sant Khalsa (California), Mark Klett (Arizona) & Byron Wolfe (California), Nathalie Miebach (Massachusetts), Carlos Montani (Argentina), Yuka Nakajima (Japan), Lori Nix (New York), Susannah Sayler & Edward Morris (New York), Dustin Yager (Minnesota).
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