At the exhibition organized by Verónica Quintana and Grace Grisolía, over 150 artists, photographers, sculptors and muralists worked on site for an interactive show with the audience.
Carlos Montani showed some of his sculptures and Acqua Planetae together with "Porteños hasta la Médula" organization.
Claudio Baldrich, Ginette Reynal, Silvia Basso, Graciela Burgos, María Paula Caradonti and Soledad Demaría and Colombian artist Iaku are some of the artists that took part.
Also present, muralists Gustavo Madueño, Juan Danna, Luciano Acosta and the Analía Galligani-Arte Santoro-Darío Zilbersztein team, as well as sculptors Claudia Aranovich, Nes Budano and Diego Gutiérrez (Córdoba) and Diego Santurio (Uruguay).
Other participants were Andrea Arcuri with a workshop for children, jeweler Yuri Gogol (Rusia), María Laura Baylac (Buenos Aires), la goldsmith Carolina Pallarols, airbrush artist Darío Parvis and photographer Alejandro Gonzalez Alzaga.