AQUA PLANETAE is a "work in progress". Thus, strategic alliances with national and international institutions whose actions add to environmental care are essential to its diffusion and growth.

AQUA PLANETAE is an excellent opportunity to merge art and environmental care by offering innovative opportunities for the setup of corporate social responsibility actions, institutional image, educational programs, sustainable development gatherings, congresses, exhibitions and other events an institution can organize. This synergy will favor the company's communicational strategy.

The piece was conceived as an itinerant installation, i.e. it can be transported to any location in the world.

So far, these organizations and institutions have taken part in the initiative:

- UN (UN Program for Environment)
- UN (2005 -2015 Water Decade Program)
- San Luis Agua (III International Water Congress)
- Nuevos Aires (4th National Corporate Social Responsibility Forum)
- Green Film Fest
- Ministerio de Cultura de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires (Ministry of Culture of Buenos Aires City)
- Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores y Culto de Argentina (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship of Argentina)
- Legion Arts ("Trouble the water" Exhibition, Ohio – USA)
- Misión Eucarística del Bicentenario!aqua-planetae/c20tr


- Mexichem Argentina
- Limpiolux
- Buenos Aires Stock Exchange
- CEADS (Argentine Entrepreneur Group for Sustainable Development) For associated companies

Educational Institutions:

- St Brigid's School
- San Francisco de Asís Institute
- River Plate School

Together we can co-create the activity that best suits our interest, consult us at