It is a collection of water samples
from different parts of the world,
treasured in a work of art,
kept and preserved
by the artist Carlos Montani,
as a legacy from humanity
to future generations.

The main objective of AQUA PLANETAE is to make people conscious of the importance of water for life through art.

There are already over 1522 samples from 40 countries of the 6 continents and United Nations has included AQUA PLANETAE as part of the events of the International Water Day 2014 celebrations.

During these two years, AQUA PLANETAE was shown at: Galería Santa Fé (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Centro Cultural Konex (Buenos Aires, Argentina), British Embassy in Buenos Aires (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Historic Independence House Museum (San Miguel de Tucumán, Argentina), Colón Theatre (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Manzana de las Luces "Aqua Planetae – Primer Aniversario" (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Buenos Aires Stock Exchange (Buenos Aires, Argentina), among others and was honored to be required to participate of Trouble the Water an exposition in CSPS Hall (Cedar Rapids, Ohaio, USA).

It took part in events related to sustainability and care of life and environment such as 4th National Forum of Corporate Social Responsibility, the kick off off anual activities at Consejo Empresario Argentino para el desarrollo sostenible (CEADS), the Green Film Fest 2013, and selected by UN to be a part of their activities of the United Nations Program for the International Day of the Environment 2013 and "Water Decade".

It also took part of educational activities with students of Santa Brígida School, San Francisco de Asís School and River Plate Institute of Buenos Aires.

Pope Francis thanks Carlos Montani "for his job in cooperatig with taking care of creation" through his work "Aqua Planetae"

AQUA PLANETAE was sponsored by Ministery of Culture of Buenos Aires City and declared of high artistic and cultural interest by Ministery Foreign Affairs of Agentina.